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Where do I find alternative versions of tracks? (60 sec version, 30 sec version)

Most of the music from our labels is available in various versions. The one displayed by default on our websites is the main version. However, it is good to know that you can access so-called "alternative" versions. You will very often find instrumental versions, versions without strings, without drums, or only with one instrument; but also cut versions, of 60 and 30 seconds, which can be directly inserted in your projects of such a duration.

To access these versions, it is very simple. Click on the arrow to the right of the track and alternative versions will appear.

Alternatively, when the music player is opened at the bottom of your screen, a drop-down menu also allows you to select an alternative version.

To find out more about alternative versions, and whether or not they are included in your license purchases on our site, see our article Do I have access to all versions of the music when I buy it?