What is the process for addressing copyright claim on YouTube?

Allowlisting for YouTube monetization

YouTube’s Content ID system automatically detects copyrighted material (such as music) and sends a notification when it finds it on videos. This may lead to the demonetization of your video if you haven't asked for the allowlisting of your content prior to broadcasting it.


If your video needs to be monetized or if you receive a claim for the usage of one of our music, please contact us at claims@bam.mu and provide us with:
- the Channel ID where the video is located
- the URL link to the video
- the Bam Music track's reference

  • How to identify the Channel ID?

How To Find YouTube Channel ID & User ID (2022)

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  • How to find the Bam Music track's reference?

Go to our website, search for the track(s) you want to use or have used in your video. Next to the track, just click on: 
and then you will find all the information about the track.