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I'm on the wrong territory, what to do?

Bam has different versions of its site.

You can access each of these sites without having to create an account.

If after creating an account, you realize that you are not on the right website (corresponding to your territory), then you can change the site directly  at the bottom left of your screen. 

A menu with the available territories is displayed. Just click on the territory of your choice to be redirected to the corresponding site.

Please note, your Bam account is not valid for all sites. This means for example that if you have created an account on the Bam site in the United States, it will only be available on this site. You will then have to create another account, with a different email address, if you wish to access the BAM Canada site. If your account is created on the Bam site in Canada French version, you can still access to Canada English version.

Be aware that the site on which you buy your music determines the license of it. Licenses depend on territories. The choice of the site on which you create your account therefore conditions the license and the use of music. For more information on licenses, please see this article (here).